About Us

We Believe:

  • That there is one God who eternally exists in 3 Persons: Father, Son, & Spirit;
  • That the Bible is the infallible & inerrant written Word of God;
  • That every human is created by God;
  • That every human is in a condemned relationship with God because of personal sin;
  • That Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a completely sinless life;
  • That Jesus death was a substitutionary atonement for sin;
  • That Jesus was raised bodily from the grave 3 days after death;
  • That there is no salvation outside of personal faith in the death & resurrection of Jesus;
  • That there is no condemnation for all eternity for those who trust in Jesus;
  • That the Holy Spirit resides in everyone who trusts Jesus;
  • That every believer is to be accountable to, growing in, and serving with a local church;
  • That Jesus will bodily return to judge all people, welcoming those trusting in Him into heaven & condemning those not trusting in Him to conscious, eternal punishment in hell.

Grace and Peace Leadership Believes In: